Top 10 Reasons for Blocked Drains in Newbury and How to Prevent Them

Blockage in the drainage pipes is one of the common issues that many homes face. Shifted components can turn into a justification behind this bothering issue, turning into expected harm and exorbitant fixes. Investigate the purposes for blocked drains and how to prevent this so you can save time, cash, and a great deal of problems.

Hair Blockage Prevention Advice

One of the most widely recognized reasons for blocked drains is hair. As we wash and groom ourselves, hair normally drops out and can get trapped in the drain. After some time, this development can cause acute blockages. To prevent this, consider using a drain guard to get hair before it enters the lines. Routinely cleaning the drain watch and stopping any caught hair can also help with keeping up with clear drains.

Handling the Buildup of Soap Residue

Soap residue is another common cause of blocked drains. Many soaps contain grease or fat, which can solidify and combine with other debris in the pipes. This combination creates a thick, sticky substance that can clog your drains. Switching to soap-free washes or regularly flushing the drain with hot water can help dissolve any soap buildup and keep your drains flowing smoothly.

Avoiding Toothpaste Clogs

Toothpaste could appear to be harmless, however it can add to blocked drains also. The thick consistency of toothpaste can cling to the walls of the pipes, particularly when merged with hair and soap. Rinsing the sink thoroughly after brushing and using a sink strainer can help prevent toothpaste buildup.

Oil and Fat Management Done Right

Oil and fat are notorious for causing severe drain blockages. At the point when these substances are poured down the drain, they can cool and solidify, making obstinate clogs. It’s fundamental to dispose of oil and fat appropriately by collecting them in a compartment and throwing them with your normal garbage. Furthermore, running hot water and a touch of dish soap down the drain in the wake of washing oily dishes can assist with separating any leftovers.

Guide to Food Waste Management

Food waste is another significant supporter of blocked drains. Indeed, even with garbage disposal, certain food things like coffee beans and stringy vegetables can make clogs. It’s ideal to scratch food waste into the garbage or fertilizer container rather than wash it down the sink. Introducing a sink channel can likewise assist with getting any little food particles that could otherwise go down the drain.

Reasons for Blocked Drains

Reasons for Blocked Drains

Eliminating Small Object Blockages

Small items, like jewellery, toys, and even pieces of plastic, can accidentally go down their direction into drains and cause blockages. Getting little things away from sinks and drains and using drain covers can prevent these items from occurring on some issues.

Taking Care of Plumbing Concerns:

Sometimes, the issue lies within the plumbing system itself. Offset or undersized pipes can restrict the flow of water and make it easier for blockages to form. If you suspect that your pipes might be contributing to your drainage issues, it’s wise to consult a professional plumber who can assess and address any structural problems.

How to Keep Debris Out of Drains

Many objects that contain dirt and debris can gather in drains and cause blockages. Reliably cleaning your drains and using a protector can help keep dirt and debris away from entering your lines.

Fighting Mineral Retention

Mineral collection is another factor that can lead to blocked drains, particularly in areas with hard water. Over time, minerals like calcium and magnesium can stall out in the lines, stopping the water stream and causing blockage. Utilizing a water softener can assist with lessening mineral packs, and consistently cleaning your lines can keep them clear.

Some Advice for Maintaining Clear Drains

Preventing blocked drains involves aware cleaning and regular maintenance. By understanding what elements you are throwing into the drains and taking proactive steps to keep them clear, you can avoid many common drainage issues.


If you find yourself dealing with sticking dirt or severe drain blockages, it’s very important to get professional help. Newbury Drainage is a reliable and experienced company that can assist with all your drainage needs. They offer comprehensive services to diagnose and resolve any issues, ensuring your drains remain clear and functional. By addressing the problem promptly and effectively, the professionals help you maintain a healthy and efficient plumbing system.