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Drain Repairs Newbury

If you need someone experienced to carry out drain repairs in Newbury, then look no further than Newbury drainage. We provide drain care services throughout the area including Thatcham, Wiltshire and Berkshire and our team are available 24/7 for your convenience. From kitchen and bathroom plumbing defects through to major underground drainage issues, our team can identify and rectify damage quickly and affordably. No job is too big, or too small and we will fit around your busy schedule for optimum convenience. So, call the team today to receive a free quotation and schedule repairs.

Drain Lining

If you have damaged pipes, then we offer drain lining at competitive prices. Drain damage can occur for a variety of reasons such as subsidence, roots, washouts, heavy or improper use and old age. Common damage includes cracks, holes, collapsed drains, displaced and open joints or the use of inferior pitch fibre pipes. Prevention is better than a cure, which is why our regular cleaning and unblocking maintenance services are recommended to keep drains in good condition. However, when damage occurs, we can safely repair or replace pipework at a competitive price. Furthermore, not all pipework will need to be replaced. Where possible, we will use drain lining (also known as CIPP lining or sleeving) to reinforce the drain walls without the need to excavate and remove pipes. So, if you think you may need repairs or lining installed, call us today.

Bathroom Plumbing Repairs

Bathroom plumbing is under regular use, with a torrent of waste, soap and hair entering the drains daily. As such, it is not uncommon to develop plumbing issues over time. Surprisingly, many of the cleansing products we use to wash our hair and bodies, are not actually compatible with your drains. Bath salts, soaps and shampoos can build up residues in the pipes or even corrode the material, causing damage. Furthermore, hair is a big cause of blocked drains in bathrooms as it can become tangled and congealed, causing poor water flow and unpleasant odours. Newbury drainage can take care of all of this, offering competitive rates for unblocking and bathroom plumbing repairs.

Kitchen Drain Repairs

The kitchen is another area where your drains will experience heavy use. In this case, fat is the most common culprit, though detergents and food deposits can cause issues too. Fat and oil are notorious for causing blockages and should not be intentionally disposed of down your drains. However, when washing dishes and pans it is unavoidable that residual deposits will end up in your pipes. It may be necessary to schedule unblocking or kitchen drain repairs if you notice:

  • An unpleasant odour emitting from the sink
  • Slow draining when you pull the plug
  • Leaks under the sink, or plumbed appliances
  • Damp in cupboards or on internal and external walls and floors

Floor Drain and Sewer Pipe Repairs

Outbuildings such as basements, utility rooms or garages, as well as gardens, patios and driveways often have a drain. These are present to carry away surface wastewater and they have a ‘trap’ that prevents odours. Leaves, dirt, debris and mud can all find their way into the pipes and cause major blockages. This can lead to extensive underground pipework damage and even impact building structure. We recommend regular cleaning to avoid this. However, if you do experience a problem, we can conduct repairs quickly and affordably.

Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Drain Damage

Correctly disposing of waste helps to avoid future drainage problems. Do not flush wet wipes, or sanitary products down the toilet or dispose of fat and oil down the drains. However, blockages are sometimes unavoidable. So, it goes without saying that regular maintenance can prevent drain damage occurring. Therefore, it pays to have Newbury Drainage, a reputable and competitively priced expert in drainage services, at your disposal. We are available whatever time of day and can set up regular maintenance appointments to keep your drains in tip-top condition, reducing the chance of you needing our repair services in the future.

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