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The thing with drains is that they are further from peoples minds, with there busy day to day lives drains are the last of our worries. If you find your self with a clogged drains in the Newbury area, and you are unsure what to do, you need to act fast. Luckily drain cleaning is one of Newbury Drainage’s popular drain services!  Take a look at the rest of this post, and feel free to give Newbury Drainage a call should your drains need cleaning, or you require any  blocked drain service.

Clean and clear drains is important for both homes and businesses alike, and keeping them that way is important.  But would you recognise the warning signs of a blocked drain?  Recognising the warning signs early, can help to prevent a more serious drain problem further down the line.

If you notice any of these symptoms in Newbury

  • Water drains very slowly
  • Water collects around the shower drains
  • Water backs up out of a sink drain
  • Water in the toilet rises then drains slowly
  • Toilet water bubbles when the sink is run
  • There is a smell coming from the kitchen sink area
  • Drain makes gurgling sounds (when using washing machine/dishwasher)

Experiencing these symptoms? You may have a blocked drain Newbury!

Look for these symptoms:

  • Kitchen: Kitchen blockages are caused by food scraps, fat/grease and soaps.
  • Bathroom: Bathrooms have to deal with, hair in the plug hole, toothpaste in the sink may lead to a bathroom blockage.
  • If you have people with long hair in your property, then hair in the shower drain is almost certain leading to a blocked shower drain.
  • Utility room: Lint is the number one culprit here, along with dirt and debris and the smell of stale water.

If you own a business your drains will have to contend with heavy use, drain blockages are caused by a number of things. Excessive tissue use, wipes, cotton buds, sanitary items and fat oil and grease (FOG) down your drain. It is very important to act quickly in these situations, thus avoiding any health and safety issues from a blocked drain in Newbury Berkshire.

What to do when a drain emergency happens at your Newbury business?

Call Newbury Drainage Engineers, who have a professional drain unblocking team.

Some basic helpful info to help with the unblock

  • What parts of the building are affected
  • What colour is the water
  • Whether there’s any waste in the water
  • Are your toilets flowing normally
  • Location of the manholes (If known)

With regular maintenance your drains should be in great shape, and remain clean and clear and clog free. But if for any reason you do have a drain issue, our friendly Newbury Drainage engineers are always ready to help fix it. So if your sewer is backing up, give us a call today!

Our drain cleanin team are ready 24/7 with guaranteed work you can rely upon, always in uniform for a professional appearance accompanied with a smile.

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